[Announcement] IPinfo data downloads now come with access to all available standard file formats

IPinfo Data Downloads now offer native access to all the standard file formats for enhanced versatility

From now on, users with access to data downloads will have access to all the available standard file formats for that particular data. Usually, the file formats available to users include CSV, MMDB, and JSON.

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What this means?

If you are a customer of paid data downloads, in the past, you were given access to the selected file formats you had chosen. For other file formats, you had to contact our sales/support team. So, if you had access to our MMDB format database and wanted to run some reverse IP geolocation queries, you needed to reach out to us to get access to the CSV file because those types of queries are not possible in the MMDB format database.

From now on, it is not necessary. You have access to our standard file format database. The data download mechanism remains the same. You can download the database from your dashboard or use these handy direct URL paths.

Want more?

This update only covers the standard and applicable file formats for the data downloads. If you want to receive our IP data in a special format (such as Parquet or XML) or have it delivered directly to your storage bucket (GCS, S3, etc.), or if you want to use our data on a specific platform (GCP, Snowflake, Splunk, etc.), please reach out to our sales team.

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