Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022

:link: Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022(

Key points:

  • 83% of organizations studied have had more than one data breach.
  • 60% of organizations’ breaches led to increases in prices passed on to customers.
  • 79% of critical infrastructure organizations didn’t deploy a zero trust architecture.
  • 19% of breaches occurred because of a compromise at a business partner.
  • 45% of the breaches were cloud-based.
  • USD 4.35 million Average total cost of a data breach
  • 83% Percentage of organizations that have had more than one breach
  • USD 4.82 million Average cost of a critical infrastructure data breach
  • USD 3.05 million Average cost savings associated with fully deployed security AI and automation
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@shannon You might find this interesting.

Very interesting @Abdullah. These are important stats for MDR and IAM use cases.

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