How to get a higher amount of requests on the free tier?

By adding a credit link to your site or project, you can get an extra 50K requests per month for free.

If you want to get a higher amount of requests from our free API service, you can use our credit link program: Credit Links -

creditlink instructions

Detailed instructions is available on the creditlink webpage. To summarize:

  1. Add an attribution link to IPinfo’s services to your website so your visitors can see it. An attribution statement can be like this: “IP data powered by: IPinfo”, “We are using IPinfo’s IP geolocation data.” etc.
  2. The attribution statement must include a valid link to IPinfo’s homepage.
  3. Then visit the creditlink webpage and submit a form to let our team know.
  4. After submission, we will increase your API request limit within a short period of time

Alternative: Use our free IP database

You can use our accessible IP databases that will provide unlimited access to IP to Country information as well as more detailed ASN information.