IPinfo Great IP Hunt : Day 2 Winners

Day 2 Winners of the Great IP Hunt

The second day of the Great IP Hunt was awesome. We received several thousands IP address submissions and we are so incredibly happy to see such a response. We hope everyone continues their participation to win more exciting daily prizes.

:link: IP Summary Report of Day 2’s submissions: IP Summarization Results of 16044 IPs - IPinfo.io

Winners of the 2nd day of the hunt

We have selected the following 21 winners through lottery:

We will be reaching out to them through their IPinfo account registered emails.

Prize Won

The day 2 prize was “IPinfo Notecard

Prize for Day 3

The Day 3 prize is “IPinfo branded Socks

What are you waiting for? Join the hunt now! Winners are picked every day through a raffle.

:link: Halloween Hunt 2023 - IPinfo.io