IPinfo Great IP Hunt: Day 5 Winners

The 5th day winners of the Great IP Hunt.

:link: IP summary report: IP Summarization Results of 6513 IPs - IPinfo.io

:link: IP Map: IP Map Report of 6513 IPs - IPinfo.io

Winners of the 5 thday of the IP Hunt.

We have selected the following 20 winners through lottery:

Users Count Community Users
Happy 11
Aaron 4
Brian 1
Joachiem 1
mtz_federico 5
Voxan 1
yinzips 3
Remy 7
CLN.io 1079 @CLN.io
Kaashout 5 @Kaashout
Paccaman 10
Master 60
Johnnie 4
William 2063
Person2099 674
hunt. 633
dirt3009 183 @dirt3009
ChaCha 43
Razvan 20

We have not selected folks we have already won this prize before.

We will be reaching out to them through their IPinfo account registered emails.

What are you waiting for? Join the hunt now ! Winners are picked every day through a raffle.

:link: Halloween Hunt 2023 - IPinfo.io

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Honorable mention.

@rev.pm submitted 201,621 IPs.

IP summary report: IP Summarization Results of 201621 IPs - IPinfo.io

Rev won this prize before, so we can’t give it to them again :confused: Sorry.

Btw, Evoxe.ovh did not submit any IP that day.

How can they submit such a large number of IPs in one day from every corner of the world? :thinking:

I didn’t? That’s kinda weird I guess

I’ve shared this event with some more people too! 🫶🏻

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Yeah. It was confusing to me as well. No worries though, we have the sticker prizes up for grab in a few days.

Thank you very much, CLN. Appreciate it!

Probably by using proxies I’m guessing

This is just the case with our top 2 contestants. I think they were able to reverse-engineer our app, but the IPs are logged at the server level. The HTTP requests are real, consequentially, the IP addresses are real.

For anyone with more than 500 IP submissions, my guess is that they are doing carrier IP churning. In the post’s map, you will see country-based locations cluster. With carrier IPs that is common.

How are you hunting IP addresses?

I’m using carrier IPs indeed, mine has like 6 /16’s allocated for mobile internet, so I won’t run out for a while :joy:

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I am also using carrier IPs. I own an eSIM phone with a few eSIMs installed.

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Why are there two Kasshout on the winner list? One with 5 IPs and another one with 134 IPs.

Good catch, I didn’t notice it lol, both are me indeed

Sorry about that. I will fix it. I will update that and add a new winner there. Thank you. Great catch.

Question: Where will the prizes ship from?

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They will ship from the US

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