Missing tag for carrier type: Mobile, Satcom or terrestrial?

I am using ipinfo extensively and I see some information missing that is on other services.

How can I tell if a carrier is Mobile, SatCOM or terrestrial, this goes the variability and reliability of the geo location and IP sharing which is very common on mobile carriers.


Hey @SymontyB,

Thank you for the question. We provide information on mobile carrier IPs; however, we do not identify SatCOM or terrestrial IPs at this moment for our standard products.

On the API side

We provide the IP to Carrier detection service on the Business Plan (Docs). The API response will contain the carrier key if it is an carrier IP address.

curl https://ipinfo.io/


  "carrier": {
    "name": "Tunicell",
    "mcc": "605",
    "mnc": "2"

On the database side

We also have the IP to Carrier database as well. The link to the sample and some docs.

On verifying the accuracy of the geolocation information

We have a custom database called, Detailed IP to Geolocation database, which comes with the radius accuracy field that enables you to make decisions about the accuracy of our data.

start_ip end_ip join_key city region country latitude longitude postal_code timezone geoname_id radius Burglengenfeld Bavaria DE 49.20379 12.04452 93133 Europe/Berlin 2941190 5 Kennett Missouri US 36.23618 -90.05565 63857 America/Chicago 4393451 50 Chamvres Bourgogne-Franche-Comté FR 47.95702 3.36273 89300 Europe/Paris 3026989 100

Let me know if you have any followup questions. Thanks :slight_smile:

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