The IPinfo Great IP Hunt Update: VPN Submissions, Prize Limit and Deadline Extension

Hey guys, big updates, so bear with me.

Deadline Extension for a 1 Week


Deadline has been extended to 14th November

We have decided to do a deadline extension for an additional week. The reason is that we had the last minute opportunity to order some extra prizes and we took it.

Many players have joined and asked their friends to join as well. The new players haven’t won many, if not any, prizes yet, and our OG top players have won 4-5 prizes each. So, it will be nice to take this opportunity to share some prizes with our new participants.

It was a pretty last-minute idea because we were going through our list and found that many users had not won anything. Feel free to invite your friends or anyone for the last week for their chance to win some prizes.

The new extended deadline is November 14th.

For the winners, we would like to send your mailing address fillup form at the end of the IP Hunt. Kindly bear with us. By the way, that email will come from

It is a big update. Let me know what you think. Some of the OG winners have been waiting for their prizes to ship, but they kinda have to wait another additional week. I hope you understand where we are coming from.

VPN submissions are okay

Pretty much self-explanatory this one :confused:

Security Guard GIFs | Tenor

Top-ranking players just straight-up reverse-engineered our app. We had some soft policies that didn’t make any sense. If you want to submit a VPN, TOR, or whatever IP you want, just go for it. But make sure you see a unique IP address on the app. If things are not working as planned, message me here, and I will look into it.

Prize Limit

image (38)

We kind have to impose a prize limit of 2 T-shirts per participant. So, in total, you can win upto 5 different prizes.

If you want to know how many prizes you have won so far, send me a private message.

Advice needed

I am trying to share some daily analytics insights. If you have any ideas you can share, that will be greatly appreciated.

For example:

Daily hourly submissions (suggested by @hibenji)

Top 5 cities with proxies filtered out (suggested by @hibenji)

country ip_submission
TW 9238
HK 817
CN 803
AU 674
BE 393

Top daily submissions


Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Thats great! i now have a chance to win a tshirt


Aye more chance to win the 2nd tshirt

So with VPNs being allowed, I’m guessing that location/GPS also won’t matter anymore?

if you win the same prize twice, can you shift them to another prize?

(1) win a t-shirt
(2) win a t-shirt
(3) win a t-shirt → get socks instead.

but this in the rare case of multi-winners

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Definitely. We have more T-Shirt prizes coming up.

Sorry. I don’t think we can do that. It is a lottery, you kinda get you get, what you get.

Also, I am using a spreadsheet for recording the winners that have a few formulas for checking past winners of the same category and the remaining inventory. It becomes a bit challenging to change something that was recorded already.

I hope you understand the situation.

I was more suggesting this for some of my colleagues :see_no_evil:
But I understand it would take a whole bunch of more work from your side haha.

Best of luck to the future winners!

Last week will have the exact variety we offered in the first two weeks. They have a fair chance to win some stuff.