Amos (Fasterthanlime) gave us our open a access IP database a shoutout!

If you are into the Rust language, you probably know who Amos, aka (Fasterthanlime) is. Amos is a popular blogger and a Youtuber in the Rustlang community. His technical blogs have introduced the Rust language to many people around the world, including myself. If you see yourself as an intermediate and above developer, you will definitely like his content.

In his Building a Rust service with Nix article series, he talks about, Doing geo-location and keeping analytics.

He uses the free IP database provided by an IP data provider, and mentions:

I said, “Holy heck! Our open-access IP data solves this problem then some!! :bulb:” Our open access IP database:

  • Provides enterprise-level full accuracy with daily updates
  • Copyrighted under CC-BY-SA 4.0
  • Flat data structure, comes in MMDB and is super easy to use.

We are essentially giving away that $1k database for free. That is not “essentially”, that is exactly what is happening, if not more as our database permits commercial usage again for FREE (through dropping an attribution statement).

And Amos’ was super kind and gave us a shoutout!

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