[Announcement] IPinfo’s Extended Databases are now available on Snowflake ❄

IPinfo’s extended database for geolocation and privacy detection is available on Snowflake

IPinfo’s extended databases provide insights into our data methodology and grant users additional levels of context to our database. Like all our data on Snowflake, these databases come with their own UDTF solutions for optimized IP address lookup operation.

Currently, we have launched the following databases:

IPinfo IP to Geolocation Extended Database

IPinfo’s IP to Geolocation extended database comes with the “radius” field that provides an accuracy confidence metric. The radius field provides context to how precise the geolocation data we provide is to their IP geolocation geographic coordinate. It also comes with the geoname_id field that provides geolocation context that can be derived from geonames.org

The UDTF for this database is: ip_location_extended

:link: Database Schema: IP to Geolocation extended database

IPinfo IP to Privacy Extended Database

The IPinfo IP to Privacy extended database opens up our IP privacy detection models. The database shows what methods we use to identify an IP address to be associated with an anonymous IP service. Going beyond our standard IP to Privacy Database, this extended database shows anonymous detection methodology such as:

  • Census
  • Anycast
  • Device Activity
  • VPN Configruation
  • Census Port

The UDTF for the IP to Privacy Extended database is: ip_privacy_extended

:link: Database Schema: IP to Privacy extended database

Both of these databases come with our custom-built UDTF functions that facilitate efficient IP address lookups and IP database operations.


:link: Community docs on Snowflake

:link: IPinfo’s Snowflake Integration

Request the data

The extended databases are available on the All in One IP database listing or can be requested through our Personalized database listing.

Reach out to us at Snowflake@ipinfo.io to learn more.