Caching Geocoding library in PHP


Just wanted to mention that we’ve got a MIT licensed caching geocoding library in PHP that supports
GitHub - abivia/geocoding: Abivia geocoding library

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Really appreciate you sharing your fantastic library with us @abivia. Thank you for supporting IPinfo!

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Thank you for providing me with a more reliable way to characterize an address! We use that library to help score comment forms for spam, but I use your service more often for characterizing suspicious web traffic. We’ve had customers who have been hit with targeted DDoS attacks, and thanks to your data have permanently blocked a wide swath of data centers and VPNs in Europe, the UK, Brazil, and the US that trace back to Russian and Chinese operators.

I am so happy to hear that!! :grinning:

Have you tried the free IP to Country ASN database? If not, you absolutely should! Download the MMDB database format and give it a shot. The MMDB reader library for PHP probably does native caching. You can use the MMDBctl tool as well.

The mmdbctl command would be:

mmdbctl read -f json-pretty country_asn.mmdb

Then you can do ASN-based and Country based analysis as well. Because it is a database, you can query it as much as you want, whereas on the API side, you have request limits. MMDB data format is extremely fast when it comes to looking up IP addresses.

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