CAPEv2 now supports IPinfo's free IP databases

CAPEv2 is a malware Sandbox

:link: GitHub - kevoreilly/CAPEv2: Malware Configuration And Payload Extraction

CAPEv2(Config And Payload Extraction) is designed for malware unpacking and config extraction.

Check out the community instance available here:

On the latest release of CAPEv2, you now have the ability to use our free IP database.

CapeV2 Twitter:

One of CAPEv2’s maintainer said this about us:

i was able to check the databases and I love ipinfo’s free database.

How cool is that!

If you have any OSS projects that uses IPinfo. Please feel free to let me know, so I can give you a shoutout. If you want to use our data in an OSS project you like reach out to me as well!