How to get extract individual IP addresses from an IP range?

Disclaimer: Most IP operation does not involve expanding the IP address ranges to their individual IP address. You do not need de-aggregate the IP ranges to query them. To query IP address data your default choice should be our MMDB database and the MMDBctl tool.

IPinfo CLI’s prips command can de-aggregate/explode IP to their individual IP addresses.


prips command

prips Documentation:

Usage: ipinfo prips [<opts>] <ip | ip-range | cidr | file>

  Accepts CIDRs (e.g. and IP ranges (e.g.

  # List all IPs in a CIDR.
  $ ipinfo prips

  # List all IPs in multiple CIDRs.
  $ ipinfo prips

  # List all IPs in an IP range.
  $ ipinfo prips

  # List all IPs in multiple CIDRs and IP ranges.
  $ ipinfo prips,

  # List all IPs from stdin input (newline-separated).
  $ echo '\n8.8.8.0-\n7.7.7.0,' | ipinfo prips

  --help, -h
    show help.