IPinfo integration now available in Integrately

What is Integrately?

Integrately is a workflow automation platform. Integrately allows users to connect API and apps to create automation solutions. IPinfo’s integrately integration provides users to enrich their IP address data with IP geolocation information.

Getting Started

In the Integrately platform, we are providing our IP geolocation data enrichment solution as an action step. We assume that you have signed up for IPinfo and already have your IPinfo access token handy.

To get started, sign up with integrately: https://app.integrately.com/signup.

The signup process is simple and does not require any credit card or payment information.

Want more?

If you want a higher request limit and additional features such as Privacy Detection, IP to Company, and more, consider checking out our paid tiers: https://ipinfo.io/pricing

If you are enjoying the Integrately platform, consider upgrading your account: https://app.integrately.com/upgrade