The story behind the IPinfo's Notecard

The IPinfo community really liked our IPinfo Notecard a lot, but do you know the story behind the colorful spider web? This fantastic visualization was created by Maxime Mouchet (@Max), our data engineer and computer scientist.


source: Did y'all get your IP hunt prizes? - #19 by RooRay

The GitHub repo behind the visualization

maxmouchet/maxmouchet (

The context from Max

  • This is a visualization of 3.7M links between 1.1M router interfaces seen in an Internet-wide traceroute scan.
    • It is exhaustive in the sense that all IPv4 networks were scanned.
    • All measurements were performed from a single vantage point in Paris in July 2021.
  • The graph layout is computed using the Large Graph Layout algorithm, originally designed to visualize large biological networks.
  • In comparison with the latest images from The Opte Project, which uses BGP data, this image is built from multi path traceroutes:
    • It shows the network topology inside an AS, but also includes load-balanced links (when a router has multiple egress interfaces)
  • The color of a link is the RIR (Regional Internet Registry) of the source IP:
    • Cyan is AFRINIC (Africa)
    • Orange is APNIC (Asia Pacific)
    • Blue is ARIN (North America)
    • Pink is LACNIC (South America)
    • Green is RIPE NCC (Europe / Middle East)
  • The “stars” or “suns” are ISPs (i.e. a lot of IPs after a single router)
  • The blue tree on the bottom-right is Google

  • Image of Google alone:

Max gave a talk about making this visualization here:

“Towards an interactive visualization of the Internet” by Maxime Mouchet (Sorbonne) - YouTube