Used ChatGPT to make a random IP generator web tool

:link: Random IP Generator

Decided to test the limits of ChatGPT. I need to use random IP addresses all the time with IPinfo. So decided to make this tool.

  • Core logic was developed using ChatGPT (80% of the work)
  • Styled using water.css
  • Did some manual tweaking of the code to improve the UX. Mainly the disabled button stuff. Those are the bad parts of the entire “codebase”.

Where I can use it:


Thank you, @anyfactor , for posting this. This is a really neat approach.
I assume all the javascript functions are written by ChatGPT, right? Did you do one big prompt or multiple smaller prompts?


My pleasure @polina. The initial project started from a big prompt. Which resulted in a site like this:


Then I added a class CSS framework and started adding features prompt by prompt.

For example we now have a bogon IP filter feature:

Working on adding new features by prompting.

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Forgot to share the updates on this

  • Random IPs can be converted to their integer equivalent (including IPv6)
  • IPs can be converted Snowflake and BQ test data
  • Bogon filtering (not foolproof)
  • A random IP generates as the site loads

Just added PostgreSQL random IP feature: