Using our daily updated databases on Snowflake

Intro to daily updated data shares on Snowflake

If you have requested our daily updated data shares on Snowflake, our documentation and resources still hold true. You have access to all our relevant UDTFs and VIEWS as is with our standard shares.

:link: Community docs: Docs - IPinfo Community

:link: Snowflake Technical Guide: Integrations and Data Platforms -

Differences in data class name

In our documentation, we use the ipinfo.public.<view/function/table> as example data class name. Breakdown:

  • ipinfo ⇒ Shared database
  • public ⇒ Schema
  • <view/function/table> ⇒ Shared views, functions and tables. For example IP_LOCATION, IP_COMPANY etc. The full list of views and functions is available in the technical guide.

Please note that the IPINFO is the shared database name. This shared database name is variable, and it could be different for you. You can set this up yourself. In our daily data shares, it is usually DATA_SHARE_IPINFO.

For example, using the DATA_SHARE_IPINFO data class name, a single IP lookup query is:


Log enrichment query

FROM logs l

The schema public remains the same. The view/function/table remains as mentioned in the documentation.

With that in mind, you have access to our regular functions and views with your purchased daily data shares.

If you have any questions, please post a question here in the IPinfo Community.