[Announcement] We are adding rate limits to data downloads

We are adding rate limits to data downloads


  • Individual database download limit to up to 10 times a day
  • Rate limits are based on individual machines per unique IP address
  • This applies to both free and paid data download users

We’re releasing a new rate limit policy on data downloads starting today. From now on, users can download the same database up to 10 times per day for each machine.

This is not a restrictive policy but a protective policy.
Please help us to keep IPinfo accessible to every user.

If you have hit the rate limit ceiling, you will see the following response from our API:

You have reached your 10 downloads per day limit for <insert_database_name> from <your_ip_address>
Please reach out to increase your limit via support@ipinfo.io.

Why did we introduce this limit?

We appreciate developers using our data to keep their systems secure, gather sales and marketing intelligence, run cybersecurity operations etc. It is our best intention to keep them going. This is not a restrictive policy. Rather, it is a protective policy for our infrastructure.

We have seen developers download our database hundreds of times throughout the day. In some cases, this is due to bugs in their code and can also be due to unoptimized data pipelines of unoptimized data pipelines. This rate limit does not restrict our users’ data usage regardless of their tier. Rate limits such as this can help optimize users’ code and reduce computational and ingress costs.

The best practice in using our database is to download it once per machine and then use it in the operation from the storage. Since we recognize individual machines based on their unique IP addresses. So, you can use your access token across multiple servers and devices.


We received these questions after we implemented this policy.

“I am using your data across multiple machines”

This rate limit policy considers unique IP addresses. So, you can download our IP databases per machine up to 10 times a day since each machine is assigned a unique IP address. We recommend downloading the database once to your storage and distributing it to their servers internally.

“I am subscribed to multiple databases”

The rate limit applies per database and machine basis. Each day, you can download our IP geolocation database up to 10 times per unique machine, then the IP to Country database 10 times on that same machine, and again the IP to Privacy database 10 times on those same machines….

“I need to download the database multiple times for updated data.”

The database is updated at most once a day. Downloading the data multiple times doesn’t mean you get fresher data every time.

“How do I know if I am using the latest updated data?”

Please check out our database update schedule here:

:link: When do the updates happen? - FAQ & Help Centre - IPinfo.io

What can you do now?

We hope you can accommodate this change by updating the data download and usage mechanism.

If this policy impacts you, please contact our support: support@ipinfo.io. We are happy to accommodate your special use case.