CloudQuery Integrates IPinfo for Enhanced IP Address Insights

CloudQuery now features IPinfo’s IP intelligence, enhancing its data analysis capabilities

:link: CloudQuery X IPinfo Plugin (

Great news for CloudQuery users! The platform has just integrated IPinfo’s API services in the platform. This plugin, accessible at, will significantly enhance the CloudQuery experience.

Cloudquery is an open-source data integration platform that transforms cloud infrastructure into queryable SQL tables. It allows users to sync various sources to any destination, enabling efficient data transformation and visualization.

CloudQuery is known for its high performance, ease of use, and a marketplace offering a wide range of plugins and tools for diverse data handling needs. It supports real-time database replication, centralizes product and marketing data, and allows for custom plugin development in multiple languages.

With this IPinfo plugin, CloudQuery users can now easily access detailed metadata about IP addresses. This includes location data, ASN information, and much more, all through CloudQuery’s powerful SQL interface.

It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to enrich their cloud data with comprehensive IP address insights. Enjoy querying!