IPinfo’s data is now available in BigQuery

We are excited to announce that our IP databases are now available via the Google Cloud Marketplace. In just a few seconds, you can start using our IP databases in GCP’s BigQuery, the central hub for all things data in the Google Cloud Platform.

This very exciting development ensures everyone has easy access to our data. Our community should be excited about this partnership for the following reasons:

  • GCP BigQuery is the central data repository. You can bring log data from Firebase, App Engine, Cloud Run, GKE, Cloud Functions, etc., to BigQuery and enrich them using our IP data. If you are hosting your infrastructure on GCP (or Firebase), this should cover all log-related aspects. Moreover, you can also output IP database analytics, rulesets, etc. from BigQuery to other target software solutions.
  • Don’t host your website on GCP infrastructure? No worries. Check out Cloud Logging agents. It’s easy to set up and can route your log data to BigQuery.
  • Our data obtained through Google Marketplace means that we take care of everything. By everything, we mean:
    • Keeping the data up to date with regular refresh
    • Providing you with an easy-to-use table that requires no setup or manual ingestion
    • We provide you with User-Defined Functions (UDF) that handle many IP-related functions and do not require writing more than a few lines of code.
  • For threat intel, fraud detection, access control, and user experience analytics, you have the power of BigQuery at your fingertips, with our data at your fingertips. Even the most basic SQL queries can be incredibly powerful in security operations, analytics, and across your other data needs.
  • Our data will live in your BigQuery environment, and we take care of maintenance to keep it fresh. This means you can set up powerful automated IP data mechanisms by taking advantage of BigQuery’s rich integration, CLI, and libraries.

:link: IPinfo announces the first IP data enrichment on Google Cloud Marketplace

Our free database with bells and whistles

As usual, with all our data partnerships and collaborations, we have prioritized developer experience and education by leading with our free data services first—in this case, our free IP to Country ASN database is now available in BigQuery free of charge and restrictions.

:link: Google Cloud console

The GCP marketplace link for the free IP to Country ASN database will redirect you to Analytics Hub, where you can click a button to bring the data to your BigQuery environment.

:link: Read our documentation: https://ipinfo.io/developers/gcp-integration

The standard features of the free IP to Country ASN database are, as usual, available on BigQuery:

  • Full accuracy, zero compromise.
  • Daily updates to the database.
  • Accuracy granularity goes down to individual IP addresses.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 data are in the same database.
  • Country and ASN are contained within the same database.
  • Flat and tabular structure of the database
  • License CC BY SA 4.0

Unique features of the free IP to Country ASN database on GCP:

  • Full dataset operation and manipulation permissions. This is particularly useful for:
    • Reverse IP geolocation
    • Reverse ASN location
    • ASN range ownership queries
    • IP to ASN to ranges
    • Organization-based lookups via unique identifying domains
  • Authority to export dataset. Permission to use inside and outside the GCP environment. Flexible usage of everything “enrichable” via IP data.
  • Packaged with the country_asn UDF that provides an efficient IP lookup mechanism and does not require writing much code
  • Packaged with sample IP addresses that you can experiment with.

With our free IP to ASN database, it is effortless for log analysis, log enrichment, threat intelligence, creating firewall configurations, doing custom ASN or location-based access control, running marketing analytics, identifying traffic metadata etc. The potential is truly limitless.


Our full IP data suite (standard and custom) is available

Going beyond our free IP to Country ASN database, we also have a full suite of standard and custom databases that we can deliver and manage on your behalf. Just send us a request, and we will get you set up.

Advanced User Functions

But wait, there’s more. We use GCP as our core infrastructure and have built dozens of custom functions that we regularly use to build our IP databases. These functions range from extremely fast IP queries that outperform MMDB lookups, joining different IP databases into one unifying database, generating CIDRs from IP address ranges, aggregation commands, and more. Now, these functions can be yours as well!

We are calling these functions “Advanced User Functions.” We have spent years perfecting these functions internally, and now, with this partnership with Google, we have the rare opportunity to open our doors and deliver these functions to you. With the power of our Advanced User Functions, IP data, and our commitment to managing the dataset, you essentially have an SQL-first solution that could rival most out-of-the-box cybersecurity solutions.

Talk to us, IPinfo Community!

We hope you share our excitement about this new partnership with Google. We urge you to start exploring the free IP to Country ASN dataset. Let us know what you think. Share your ideas and feedback.

We use the phrase “limitless potential” frequently, but in practice, we would like to hear from you, our community, about what you think we should document, explore, and share about our data in GCP. Share your ideas and security pain points with us, and we will deliver solutions and pathways.