Does IPinfo have an ISP database or connection type database?

Get connection type data from IPinfo’s ASN database and IP to Mobile Carrier data

Some IP data providers have an IP to ISP database, whereas we don’t provide any “ISP” specific database. At IPinfo, we strive for accuracy of the highest order, even regarding proper network terminology. We provide accurate ISP information in our ASN data.

What is an ISP?

An ISP, also known as an Internet service provider, is an organization that provides services for accessing, using, managing, or participating in the Internet. In the most layperson sense, it is an organization that helps individuals or organizations to connect to the internet.

If an organization does not provide commercial internet connection service, is it an ISP?

But the catch is that in the traditional sense, ISPs usually provide internet connection as one of their primary business operations. So, what are data centers, large-scale organization, educational institutes and government agencies then? These organizations usually host servers with IP addresses that connect to the internet. They are not providing commercial internet services to end users.

As many of these companies do not provide internet access service to the end users, labeling them as “ISP” create complications.

Comparing our data to standard IP to ISP database

Other IP data providers provide the following fields in their ISP databases.

Field Definition
Organization The Registering Organization associated with the IP address.
ISP Internet Service Provider

The issue is that the "ISP” field can be quite a confusing term in this instance, and that is why IPinfo provides more accurate information in its ASN data.

Let’s take the IP address “” as an example. It is used by Twitch/Amazon Interactive Video Service in hosting live-streaming infrastructures and delivering content.

Is this IP address available in the traditional sense of accessing the internet? Not really. But other providers label this IP’s ISP as to be Twitch Interactive Inc.

But in the ASN API response for the IP address, we correctly label the ASN type as “Business” type.

IPinfo’s ASN database does contain “ISP” information, but we are more conscious about labeling IP address connection types.

Going one step beyond ISP, connection type data with IP to Mobile Carrier

If you want to know which IP addresses are Mobile Carrier IP addresses, you can use our IP to Mobile Carrier database. In fact we can you use both ASN database and Carrier database to get the full picture of the IP connection type data.

The following example comes from our Snowflake listing:

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