Downloading IPinfo's data downloads samples

Get insights into our data downloads by exploring our samples

Downloading our data samples

If you are interested in data downloads, you can get the samples of them in two ways.

1. From our website’s product pages

Downloading samples from the data download product page

If you visit any product page for the data downloads or the IP address database downloads page, you can download a sample of your desired IP database. By filling out a small form and selecting the file format, you can download the sample with just a couple of clicks. The samples on the website are updated daily and contain 1,000 rows of data.

2. Sample Database Repository

Exploring samples from the sample database repo

The sample database repository is mainly used for demos and database schema purposes. This repo is not updated daily and contains only about 100 rows of data for download types.

However, this repository does include samples of all the available data downloads, including our extended database, in a single place. You can easily explore our CSV, JSON, and MMDB databases from the repo.

If you have any feedback or questions about the downloading our samples, feel free to create a post here in our community.

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