IPinfo WHOIS data downloads offering

IPinfo offers a variety of WHOIS databases, all of which are structured, parsed and ready to be integrated into a data pipeline.

IPinfo offers WHOIS data in two distinct categories:

Besides our data downloads, we also offer an WHOIS API service, which is part of our enterprise API plan.

:link: Documentation for WHOIS API.

IPinfo WHOIS Summary Data Downloads

The IPinfo WHOIS summary data downloads consist of two types WHOIS data:

  1. RWHOIS data: WHOIS data collected Referral WHOIS (RWHOIS) servers.
  2. RIR WHOIS data: WHOIS data collected from RIR WHOIS servers.

You can learn about the differences in these WHOIS data from this community post.

This database is available as a data download from our website or through our Snowflake Marketplace listing.

IPinfo WHOIS Full Data Downloads

The full WHOIS data download is available as a custom data downloads request (contact our sales team) or in our standalone Snowflake listing. The database comes with the following WHOIS data:

  • WHOIS Autonomous System Number (ASN) data: An ASN represents a unique number assigned to an autonomous system that owns a collection of IP address ranges. We can gather ASN-specific information from the WHOIS database using this dataset.
  • WHOIS Network (NET) data: The WHOIS NET database provides network-level information from the WHOIS database.
  • WHOIS Organization (ORG) data: The WHOIS ORG database provides organizational information for the entity listed in the WHOIS data.
  • WHOIS Maintainer (MNT) data: The WHOIS MNT database provides contact information for the maintainer responsible for maintaining the data records of an organization listed in the WHOIS record.
  • WHOIS Point of Contact (POC) data: The POC database contains contact information of the person who manages the WHOIS resource. POC can represent different roles such as POC (admin), POC (Tech), POC (Abuse contact), etc.

If you are interested in learning more about our WHOIS database offering, feel free to reach out to us.