Migrating from other data providers

If you are migrating from other data providers to IPinfo’s data, there are a few things, you should be aware of.

  1. IPinfo Services

Understand the different services IPinfo provides. IPinfo provides the following data services in the form of an API and database.

  1. IP to Geolocation: Get geolocation from IP addresses

  2. IP to ASN: Get ASN information and their respective IP address range

  3. IP to Privacy Detection: Identify IP addresses that are associated with anonymous IP service provider

  4. IP to Company: Get the information on companies that are associated with an IP address

  5. Hosted Domains: Get the list of domains hosted on an IP address

  6. IP to Mobile Carrier: Get mobile device IP address information

  7. IP to Abuse Contact: Get abuse contact information from IP addresses

  8. IP WHOIS: Contextual and structured WHOIS database

  9. API & Database structure

IPinfo uses a flat and tabular data structure in all its database product. You can learn more about IPinfo’s database schema and description from our documentation.

  1. Libraries and SDKs

To use IPinfo’s services through a programming language environment, you can check out our open-source libraries in the libraries section of our documentation.

If you are looking for a direct comparison and migration strategy breakdown, feel free to explore our guides:

If you need any assistance migrating from your previous IP data provider, please feel free to reach out to us.