Snowflake listings include our data samples with 50 Rows

Want to take a look a look at some of our other IP data downloads? They are included in IPinfo’s Snowflake listings.

When consuming our IP data sets on the Snowflake Marketplace, you should know that we package the listing with the following resources:

  • The IP database/s applicable to the listing
  • The associated UDTF for the IP database
  • General purpose UDFs for working with IP data
  • Database samples of all our listings

For example, if you have purchased our IP geolocation data on Snowflake, you might find that we have added various samples in the data share, such as company data, ASN data, privacy detection data etc. Our geolocation data and the UDTF are still included in the listing and ready to be used.

The samples are just there in case you want to explore other types of IP data. These samples usually contain about 50 rows of data. Also the word “sample” is explicitly mentioned in the table name.

If you would like to know more about our Snowflake listing, check out some of our posts in the community and documentation on our website.