Why the IPinfo community should explore our data in Snowflake

IPinfo has been recognized as the leader in data enrichment in the Snowflake Cybersecurity Applications 2023 report. Now, let’s discuss why it matters to you.

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The free IPinfo IP to Country ASN dataset

For starters, our free IP to Country ASN database is available, and it is always free. If you have a Snowflake account, it is one of the fastest ways to explore our database. It is updated daily, provides full accuracy and comes with the UDTFs.

If you have a Snowflake account, the free IP to Country ASN dataset should be part of your workspace.

:link: IPinfo: IPinfo Free Country + ASN IP Address Data (snowflake.com)

On a personal note, I use Snowflake’s Python library and query the IPinfo Country ASN database to generate firewall config files. Going beyond the firewall configuration file, the combination of the IPinfo Country ASN database is extremely powerful.

Fastest way to get started with IPinfo’s data downloads

For IP data downloads, Snowflake has to be one of the fastest ways to get started. Aside from the one-click purchase element, we package our listings with a full suite of IP address-focused utility functions and our famous UDTF functions, which take care of the IP Lookup operations.

Moreover, we also have solid documentation for our listings, as well as a bunch of posts here in this community.

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Full data warehouse capabilities

As a data warehouse, Snowflake can be considered a hub for all things data. With IPinfo’s database being stored right there, you can bring data from all different places into one central location. Things like threat intelligence operations, fraud detection, and marketing/sales analytics become extremely convenient with the power of IPinfo+Snowflake.

In conclusion, you should get started with the IPinfo free IP to Country ASN database. It offers full accuracy, daily updates, and the UDTFs. The free IPinfo database serves as a good starting point for you to explore the capabilities of Snowflake and IPinfo.

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