Snowflake Marketplace is the simplest, most efficient way to use our data in Snowflake

Snowflake marketplace is going to be hands down the best option to use our data in Snowflake

Snowflake serves as a comprehensive data warehouse platform, empowering users to seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources and conduct sophisticated analytics operations. This inherent capability positions Snowflake as an ideal foundation for a myriad of analytical pursuits. In many ways, IPinfo’s IP data is a useful asset for the analytics endeavors that a Snowflake user might have. Users can leverage Snowflake for -

  1. Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence Operations:
  1. Sales Analytics and Intelligence:
  • Utilize Snowflake to perform in-depth analysis of sales analytics data, enabling organizations to derive actionable insights.
  • Execute sales intelligence operations that enhance decision-making and optimize sales strategies.
  • Recommended IPinfo Datasets: IP to Geolocation Database, and IP to Company Database.
  1. Supply Chain Optimization:
  • Employ Snowflake for supply chain optimization operations by seamlessly incorporating geolocation information, real-time analysis, and inventory data.
  • Leverage the platform’s capabilities to enhance visibility and efficiency across the supply chain.
  • Recommended IPinfo Datasets: IP to Geolocation Database.
  1. Marketing Campaign Optimization:
  • Drive impactful marketing campaigns by integrating customer demographics and campaign performance data within the Snowflake environment.
  • Utilize Snowflake’s analytical prowess to refine marketing strategies, target specific demographics, and maximize campaign effectiveness.
  • Recommended IPinfo Datasets: IP to Geolocation Database, IP to Company Database, and Hosted Domains Database.

If you recognize the value of IPinfo’s database, you might wonder how to get started with IPinfo’s data inside Snowflake. Well in that case there are two ways.

The easy way: Snowflake Marketplace


We have a strategic partnership with Snowflake, offering our database products seamlessly through their marketplace platform. This collaboration not only provides users with an efficient, one-click method to access our data but also introduces a wealth of features designed to facilitate the seamless adoption of our database within the Snowflake environment.

Our offerings on Snowflake include several distinctive features:

  1. UDF and UDTF Solutions:
  • Each Snowflake listing is equipped with User-Defined Function (UDF) and User-Defined Table Function (UDTF) solutions.
  • These solutions empower users to perform IP address lookups efficiently, streamlining a typically intricate process and allowing users to integrate our data swiftly.
  1. One-Click Purchase Mechanism:
  • Snowflake streamlines the acquisition of our data with a straightforward one-click purchase mechanism.
  • Users can navigate to the marketplace, locate our listing, and effortlessly acquire our data by simply clicking the designated purchase button, expediting the delivery of our data to their Snowflake environment.
  1. Free IP to Country ASN Database:
  • In addition to our premium data, we offer a complimentary, daily-updated, and fully accurate IP to Country ASN database within Snowflake.
  • Despite its free nature, this database maintains the high quality synonymous with IPinfo, featuring daily updates, multiple UDFs, and comprehensive documentation.

  1. Automated Updates and Optimized Solutions:
  • Our Snowflake listings include automated processes for keeping the data consistently up-to-date.
  • We leverage Snowflake’s cutting-edge innovations to enhance query times and reduce computational costs for users, minimizing the maintenance burden on their end.
  1. Comprehensive Data Catalogue and Custom Dataset Support:
  • Users can access our entire product data, including custom datasets, through our dedicated storefront within Snowflake.
  • We offer the flexibility of custom data delivery to meet individual customer needs, and further support easy trial access to our expansive data offerings.

The benefits of our collaboration with Snowflake extend beyond these features, as evidenced by our recognition in Snowflake’s “[The Modern Marketing Data Stack Report 2022](https://Recommended IPinfo Datasets)” and “Snowflake Cybersecurity Applications 2023 Report”.

The hard way: Manual data ingestion to Snowflake

We strongly advise against manual file ingestion using Snowflake

While it is technically feasible, we discourage users from pursuing manual file ingestion due to its inherent complexities and resource-intensive nature. Despite having documented the process, we urge users to consider utilizing the streamlined features available through the Snowflake Marketplace.

Advantages of Snowflake Marketplace over Manual Ingestion

  • Streamlined Database Ingestion Process:
    • Manual ingestion involves setting up a cronjob, automation, or scheduler to download our database from our file storage URI, perform preprocessing, and then upload the database to Snowflake.
    • In contrast, Snowflake Marketplace offers a seamless, one-click mechanism for acquiring and integrating our database without the need for extensive manual setup.
  • Index Declaration and Query Setup Simplified:
    • With manual ingestion, users need to declare database indexes and configure queries for UDFs to function properly.
    • Snowflake Marketplace eliminates this burden by automating index declaration and query setup, ensuring efficient utilization of the database without the need for intricate manual configurations.
  • Comprehensive UDF and UDTF Operations:
    • Manual ingestion requires users to establish multiple supplementary functions to support UDF operations and formulate core UDTF operations.
    • Snowflake Marketplace includes pre-packaged UDF and UDTF solutions, streamlining the entire process and eliminating the need for users to independently set up complex operations.

Technical Challenges with Manual Ingestion

Setting up a manual ingestion pipeline introduces technical challenges, including:

  • Dedicated Data Pipeline Maintenance:
    • As our data undergoes regular refreshes, maintaining a dedicated data pipeline becomes necessary for consistent database refreshes.
    • Through Snowflake Marketplace we handle automated updates, alleviating users from the responsibility of managing a separate pipeline for maintaining the IPinfo IP database.
  • Compatibility Issues and Documentation Discrepancies:
    • Developing custom data pipelines based on manual ingestion may lead to compatibility issues, and the documentation provided by IPinfo for Snowflake may not seamlessly translate to unique setups.
    • Utilizing Snowflake Marketplace ensures adherence to standardized procedures, minimizes compatibility challenges, and facilitates smoother integration.
  • Technical Support Implications:
    • When users establish their manual ingestion pipeline, our technical support is constrained by the unfamiliarity with their entire data ecosystem.
    • Leveraging Snowflake Marketplace allows us to provide more effective and targeted support, as the standardized integration process ensures a clearer understanding of the technical setup.

We remain committed to providing support for any Snowflake-related issues, and we encourage users to leverage the streamlined capabilities of Snowflake Marketplace for a more efficient and trouble-free integration experience. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to learn more about using data on Snowflake or alternative data delivery methods.