How affiliate marketing and link tracking sites can use IP data

How affiliate marketing and link tracking sites benefit from IP data

IP data in affiliate marketing provide valuable insights to a customer. It provides an additional layer of functionality, control and analytical information to both the affiliate and the advertiser. Integration of IP data in an affiliate marketing can help with:

  • Redirects to specific region-based digital storefront
  • Analytics and statistics on affiliate programs based on geolocation, carrier, VPN usage and IP data.
  • Custom 404 page redirects
  • Region-specific customization
  • Preventing exploits and fraudulent transaction attempts
  • Validating PPC and CPM through IP data
  • Prevention of usage of proxies, VPNs and tor services to prevent click fraud
  • Validating conversion rate based on geolocation and connection type information
  • Limiting access based on geolocation

Databases and API you need:

You can try out our free IP geolocation API or our open access IP to Country database as well.