Significant web activity from 2x ip blocks


I have daily report at our facility of web activity with the following ip address blocks recently that have no category, host name, or site name.

The only information listed is: AS33438 - StackPath, LLC.

Could someone please who knows or find out how-to verify who the following ip blocks/addresses belong to so I may better categorize this activity?



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Hey Justin,

Thank you for posting to the community. I really appreciate it.

I ran the summarize command using our CLI on the mentioned IP addresses and the CIDR block.

ipinfo summarize ips.txt

This is the result:

- Total   1291
- Unique  1280
- Anycast 0
- Bogon   0
- Mobile  0
- VPN     0
- Proxy   0
- Hosting 1291
- Tor     0
- Relay   0

Top ASNs
- AS33438 StackPath, LLC. 1291 (100.0%)

Top Usage Types
- Hosting 1291 (100.0%)

Top Routes
- (AS33438)  1030 (79.8%)
- (AS33438) 261 (20.2%)

Top Countries
- United States 1291 (100.0%)

Top Cities
- Ashburn, Virginia, US            1028 (79.6%)
- Seattle, Washington, US          261 (20.2%)
- Washington, Washington, D.C., US 1 (0.1%)
- Reston, Virginia, US             1 (0.1%)

Top Regions
- Virginia, US         1029 (79.7%)
- Washington, US       261 (20.2%)
- Washington, D.C., US 1 (0.1%)

Top Domains
- 231 (17.9%)
-  2 (0.2%)

It looks like all the IPs belong to AS33438 StackPath, LLC. details -

Check out our summary tool as well:

Do you want the list of all the ranges they own? I can get you those IPs using our free database.


I did see most of this info when I searched also.

So are these ip blocks Microsoft; updates, content delivery, etc?

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Not sure about that. Stackpath is owned by IBM and it is their edge computing service.

StackPath is an American edge computing platform provider headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Its founding team was led by Lance Crosby, who also co-founded SoftLayer Technologies, acquired by IBM in 2013