[Announcement] Our IP to Geolocation data got a major update

Small radius accuracy has been tremendously improved in our IP to Geolocation database.

We have recently launched major improvements to our IP to geolocation database. You might have noticed that our database has doubled in size. That is because we now provide more granular location information for IP addresses.

With our recent improvements in IP geolocation detection methodology, we have significantly improved geolocation detection for smaller ranges of IP addresses. Due to this improvement, ranges of IP addresses are now broken up into data rows that cover more granular and precise locations. That is why the file size of the database has increased.

From our tests, we have found this update has yielded a 35%+ accuracy improvement within the 10 KM radius.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know. If you would like to learn about the accuracy radius data of our location database, you might be interested in our IP to Geolocation Extended database. If you have difficulty accommodating the file size increase, please let us know: Contact us - IPinfo.io.


The improvements are made at a sub-10 KM radius, meaning that accuracy has improved at the sub-city level, i.e., geographic coordinate and zip code.

This update is available to every customer, and existing users have been automatically upgraded to using this better version of our database.

However, the size increase is quite significant, and users might want to use a smaller database. In that case, please contact our support and request us to switch you to a legacy database with lower granular accuracy and smaller file size.

If you do not make this request, you are using the highest accuracy IP to Geolocation data by default.