Announcing our new global geolocation accuracy page

In our pursuit to demonstrate why our accuracy is world-class, this page showcases the differences and evidence of why we are the industry leader in IP geolocation data.

:link: IPinfo's Geolocation Data Accuracy -


This page shows where other providers might think an IP address is located vs where we know it is actually located. As we have discussed, we use our 700 servers strong ProbeNet to generate the most accurate IP geolocation database in the industry, so it is vital to show the capabilities of this improved accuracy method.

You can explore the evidence that backs up our claim from the sample IPs shown on the page.


You can learn about inaccurate location information regarding WHOIS data as well as the IPs shown on this page. Check out the “Range” page from the IP address and see the “Country”. The country shown on the range page is derived from the WHOIS records.

In this example, you can see the IP is geolocated in Singapore, but the /24 range locates it in Poland. Moreover, other providers think the IP address is in Argentina. Amidst all this location confusion, only IPinfo shows the actual location of the IP address using ping-based data from our Probe Network.

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