Hacktogether: Get ASN/VPN location insights: reported vs actual (Leave a comment)

Continuing on from our discussion in this post: The lie in their WHOIS: IP geolocation reporting explored - General - IPinfo Community

Please let me know if you are interested in receiving location information regarding the reported vs. actual location of a certain ASN or VPN. I have created scripts that will be helpful in determining the quality of the ASN as a hosting/cloud provider and VPN for location information.

Example of a random ASN

(Left) Actual Location: US
(Right) Reported Location according to WHOIS records

ipinfo_country whois_country ip_count
0 US NL 26572
1 US DE 1024
2 US SC 256
3 US ES 256

(Left) Actual Location
(Right) Reported Location according to WHOIS records: SC - Seychelles

ipinfo_country whois_country ip_count
0 NL SC 322048
1 PL SC 13824
2 FI SC 5376
3 IT SC 5376
4 NO SC 1536
5 CZ SC 1536
6 DE SC 1536
7 BE SC 1536
8 AT SC 1024
9 ES SC 1024
10 SE SC 1024
11 CH SC 1024
12 FR SC 256
13 AE SC 256
14 US SC 256
15 PH SC 256

Please feel free to leave a comment on a particular ASN you want us to look into. I am using WHOIS records as a proxy for geofeed. For VPNs, I will do the same. VPNs could advertise some location in their app, so please leave the advertised location of some of the IP addresses.