Why are there geolocation discrepancies between IPinfo’s data and other providers?

In some instances, our data may not agree with other IP data providers’ data. For example, when it comes to IP geolocation data, some IP address data providers might geolocate an IP address in a different location compared to our data. It can be different cities or even different countries.

So, is IPinfo’s data inaccurate?

No. Not at all. In the IP data industry, being an outlier doesn’t mean inaccurate data. In those cases, we urge our users to look into the evidence backing our decision.

Our data is backed by our probe network infrastructure covering the globe. Even though an IP address may provide insights into its geolocation in their WHOIS data, it doesn’t mean the IP address itself is limited to only that place. That IP address can be anywhere.

How probe network based geolocation works

As of writing this document (May, 2023), the IP address is located in New York City, New York, United States. We are confident about this geolocation based on our probe data and ping data.

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However, according to the WHOIS information, the IP range of this IP address, **** declares its geolocation to be in Nassau, Bahamas.

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Some IP data providers do not look into individual IP addresses and base their geolocation information on the WHOIS data.

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Even though we offer IP WHOIS data downloads to our customers, our IP geolocation information is derived from evidence-backed methodology to ensure the highest accuracy possible. If you have any doubt about our data accuracy, reach out to us: https://ipinfo.io/support