Did y'all get your IP hunt prizes?

Post pictures of your prizes!!

We would love to see what prizes you won. Share the joy with the community.

Post a pic here, or tag us on Twitter with a picture of your prizes


Mine are still being shipped lol, waiting on DHL :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be shipped so quickly, lol. However, some people mentioned that they received their prizes yesterday! I would absolutely love to see those prizes IRL! I only saw them as mockups on a website :joy:

I’m guessing they live in the US, since they ship from there. I live in the Netherlands, so they have to go via Germany first

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SWAG shipped it to Turkey with UPS Expedited so I got it pretty fast. They had me declare it to customs because yeah… Turkey.

Anyway the socks fit nice and the t-shirt fits pretty good too, I sized it all the way up to XL so it feels comfy. Stickers also feel pretty cool. The IPInfo forums may not be the best site to post feet pics so here’s what I got :sweat_smile:


Incredible stuff, man! We really appreciate it! Do let me know what swags you might want for the next event! When we started the event it was wayyy too hot for our hoodies lol. So, we opted to do some socks instead.

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Still waiting for mine, hoping I won’t have to pay an insane amount to customs, unsure how much it’ll be since I have no clue what the value is

This is what SWAG invoiced on mine so I doubt you’ll pay much or anything at all

I don’t know much about IPinfo’s branding so I can’t suggest much; while it would be costlier than stickers; enamel pins may be cool. Sticker goes on laptop, pin goes on bag. Trading cards or flashcards with internet terms may also be cool collectibles.

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Its lit


Thank you very much. I have taken a note. I will try to see what vendor we can use for that.

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Nice job, Quartz! You won all five prizes. Although you joined the party later, you caught up quickly. I’m really happy that we decided to extend the event by a week.

I had a great time talking with you, dude! Please feel free to share any prize ideas you have for the next event. Next time join early and bring your friends as well!

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Haha it was fun, maybe a ipinfo hoodie or a trace me if you can backpack would be extremely cool.

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In my case I am still waiting for UPS to ship them, the tracking code that Swag emailed is not valid yet: “The tracking number you entered is not valid. Please review or contact the sender to check the number.”

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They accidentally sent out UPS tracking links instead of DHL in my case. Try entering the tracking number on DHL’s site? DHL eCommerce Tracking

Thanks that’s helpful :slight_smile: Seems like I might have to pay ~25%

Yeah, I think that makes more sense! Hahaha

They did the same for me

my time to shine, yay!

I won one of the IPv4 postcards and it’s great! The size and print quality are superb and I really like the graphic on the front. Great prize all around, thanks :slight_smile:

DHL delivered it pretty fast (about 2 weeks) and used Hermes here in the UK for the last-mile delivery for any curious fellow Britons. Swag also put the value for customs low and prepaid it for any other prize winners worried about that.

Thanks again for the cool card :smile:


Disqus only lets me put one image in each message so here’s the back of the card for anyone curious: