How to verify if my VPN is working?

How to verify if my VPN is working?


A VPN may not work immediately after it is switched on for a variety of reasons. To confirm whether a VPN is active, check your public IP address and other IP data attributes before turning it on.

You can use IPinfo to check your IP address and other IP data attributes before turning on the VPN. Then, repeat the previous step after turning on the VPN and compare the results.

It’s also important to note that some VPN service providers may falsely advertise their VPN server location, but IPinfo’s IP geolocation data can help verify their claims.

Confirm your IP address and IP data attributes

You can either use our API or you can simply visit our site from your web browser.

IPinfo API

You can make an API call to to get your IP address and IP geolocation information.

curl ""

This will return the following response containing your public IP address and the IP geolocation information.

  "ip": "",
  "city": "New Providence",
  "region": "New Jersey",
  "country": "US",
  "loc": "40.6984,-74.4015",
  "org": "AS2579 Nokia of America Corporation",
  "postal": "07974",
  "timezone": "America/New_York",
  "readme": ""

However, for token-free access to IPinfo’s API, the API response is limited to public IP addresses, limited ASN information, and IP geolocation information.

Via IPinfo Website

:link: You can visit our website:

Compared to the API, the website provides additional information such as your public IP to Privacy detection data, IP to ASN and Company, and other IP data attributes. Please take note of this information.

Verify IP data from the IPinfo Website | 600x338

Comparing after the VPN is turned

Execute the previous steps again after turning on your VPN. If the result is different and the IP geolocation matches the location promised by the VPN provider, then you are now browsing the internet with an anonymous IP address of the VPN provider.

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